Deep Dive

Transformational Deep Dive Breathe Weekend

17th-19th May 2024
Los Angeles, CA


Join us for a special deep dive into yourself through breathwork, community, movement and depth work.

This weekend is for you. To nourish your soul, to deepen connection to the spaces within you, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We will harness and connect to the healing and awakening power of the breath. Breathe is one of the most powerful tools we have to expand our consciousness, facilitate healing, connect with our body, release stress and tension and integrate and process trauma and emotion.  

Using the wisdom of the body we are able to journey to connect to powerful psychological models to understand your psyche. We work with our internal family, our inner child, our shadow, our higher self and strengthen our consciousness in relationship to our ego.

We will guide you to meet parts of yourself that developed to keep you safe, but now are limiting your growth and expansion in life.

Finding space to ground will give us the chance to explore places within us that we need to meet. By allowing you to see where patterns and past experiences keep replaying in the present you can make more conscious choices in your life.

“The backdrop to this is that the more conscious we become, the happier those around us become. Surely this is how we change the world?”

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Your guides

Meet Debora

Deborah is a leading Transpersonal Psychotherapist.
Working experientially with her clients for over 15 years Deborah believes in the power of the breath and expanding clients awareness of themselves, each other and the world around them. Her own journey led her to the depths, the depths of humanity and this is where she is comfortable journeying with clients.

She believes in the blend of modern teaching and ancient rituals, that we need to be grounded and our ego strong before we can venture too deeply anywhere. The main tenants of her practice are experiential, bottom up and inside out. This leads to an incredibly somatic, connected, deep, and expansive way of working.

Meet Phoebe

Phoebe works as a psychotherapist, breathworker, psychedelic guide and integration therapist.
Her hope and prayer as a space holder is to guide and support you to tap back into your centre, to reconnect your deepest wisdom & intelligence that knows exactly what you need, both for your healing, and your thriving. Her own healing through altered-states ignited her fascination with, and deep trust in expanded-states of consciousness, and how these can be harnessed for healing. This underpins all of the work she does.

Her work is infused with ceremony, ritual and prayer, and she creates both safe and sacred containers to journey. She feels how precious these times on earth are, that within every crisis be that global or personal, is the fertile ground for opportunity. She believes we must endeavour to walk the earth gently, to support each other on this journey of transformation and healing: we need everyone.

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Meet Debora

Deborah Maloney is a leading Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Breathwork expert.
Deborah specialises in working with people suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, intergenerational trauma, and grief. Deborah's work extends beyond her psychotherapy. As a sought-after speaker, retreat host, and founder of All Us Humans, she also delivers transformational events worldwide.

As a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Deborah embodies a fusion of science and spirituality, aligning with the heightened depth that individuals are increasingly seeking in this field. Recognising that trauma and life experiences are held deeply in the body, Deborah transitioned her work towards an increasingly somatic approach with breathwork and expanded states being key parts of her practice. ‘This modality allows Deborah to access deeper layers of the psyche and gain insights into unresolved issues to promote healing, facilitate personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation within the therapeutic context.
“For me, there has been a deep recognition of the immense wisdom to be found in meeting our experiences and our wounding openly and trusting in our capacity to be with the uncomfortable, with the unknown. When we can do this our outlook on life changes, our relationships change, and life transforms along with our inner landscape.” Deborah Maloney

A portrait picture of Andrew Ragan

Meet Andrew

Andrew works as a strength coach, yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, and space holder.
Andrew's mission is to love and empower people to help them return to their healthiest, whole, and soul centered self. It is his firm belief that the body and the breath are alchemical vehicles for inner and outer transformation. Andrew's approach to conscious connected breath facilitation draws upon his 15 + years of experience as a movement coach and teacher.  

The power of the breath, movement, and psychedelics have been the catalyst for Andrew's own personal transformation and now uses these tools to help the people in his community awaken their consciousness and unlock their own inner power. His offering is both spiritual and grounded, physically strong yet gentle, patient yet firm.

Who Is Invited

Anyone who wants to continue deeply deepening their relationship to life and to themselves.

  • This space is for you if you want to connect with your body, to process trauma and the story of your life.
  • It is for you if you want to connect with and transform any stuckness.
  • It is for you if you want to see outside of the constraints of your ego mind and be able to expand your conscious awareness of the world.
  • It is for you if you want to be able to express more of your truth in the world.
  • It is for you if you want to connect to your vulnerability and find a deep and authentic power to make substantial change in your psyche.
  • This is for you if you wish to be bravely seen and to see others and connect with a deep and beautiful community.
  • This is for you if you are curious, if you know that there is far more to life than the everyday and you want to taste it and feel it.

The Plan

We will meet at 5pm Friday 17th May to embark on our journey together and we will end on Sunday lunchtime.

Over the next 2 days, there will be the opportunity for the following:

  • Conscious connected breathwork
  • Somatic work
  • Nervous system regulation and exploration
  • Yoga
  • Movement
  • Psychotherapeutic journeying
  • Psyche exploration
  • Emotional and trauma integration
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Integration & connection

You will be fed nourishing and tasty food by our own chef. You will sleep in wonderfully comfortable beds. You will be immersed in a community of kindred souls and you will be deeply held in all that you do.

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The Exchange

The space we are using in LA is beautiful and you can either book a luxurious bed or just come for the day. All food is included and all sessions are included. There is also a follow up integration call the next week.

Book Your Place

Double room, single occupancy
Shared room
Book here

The Cost

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We are offering an early bird discount of 15% before November 30th and a second early bird pf 10% up to January 31st 2024. You are welcome to pay in installments see options below. Flights are not included, but transfers are.

Let us know if you have any questions about costs or acommodation.

A choice of luxury accomodation for your journey.

Prices including accomodation, organic plantbased food, unlimited access to the exlir bar, Airport transfer, daily schedule, guest teachers and excursions.

There is a wide range of accommodation available, with prices starting at £2750. We have an early bird discount of 10% until 23rd November.

Private Cabana

Private Cabana Shared Full Rate
Private Cabana Shared Full Rate 6 Months
Private Cabana Shared Early Bird
Private Cabana Shared Early Bird 6 Months
Private Cabana Single Full Rate
Private Cabana Single Full Rate 6 Months
Private Cabana Single Early Bird
Private Cabana Single Early Bird 6 Months

Bungalow Suites

Bungalow Suites Shared Full Rate
Bungalow Suites Shared Full Rate 6 Months
Bungalow Suites Shared Early Bird
Bungalow Suites Shared Early Bird 6 Months
Bungalow Suites Single Full Rate
Bungalow Suites Single Full Rate 6 Months
Bungalow Suites Single Early Bird
Bungalow Suites Single Early Bird 6 Months

Deluxe Bali Villa

Deluxe Bali Villa Shared Full Rate
Deluxe Bali Villa Shared Full Rate 6 Months
Deluxe Bali Villa Shared Early Bird
Deluxe Bali Villa Shared Early Bird 6 Months
Deluxe Bali Villa Single Full Rate
Deluxe Bali Villa Single Full Rate 6 Months
Deluxe Bali Villa Single Early Bird
Deluxe Bali Villa Single Early Bird 6 Months

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